The Centre

Terramaya Facilities
Accommodation: The centre has several wooden huts with hot water, comfortable beds, ecological flushing toilets and bathtub/showers. Max 4 people per hut.
Eating room
Temple: The beautiful group room has a fire place and dry toilets nearby (proper toilet seats)
Please note:
There is very limited, often unreliable electricity (work in progress).
There is no phone signal.
Internet is very limited and is not available during retreats.
What to bring
- torch
- natural toiletries (all soaps, shampoos etc flow back into the jungle, so we appreciate you helping us to keep it chemical-free)
- walking boots/ shoes
- natural sun screen
- natural insect repellent / relief after bite
- good rain clothes (we are in the rainforest!), rubber boots are invaluable at times
- white clothes if you are attending ceremonies
On the mountains it can always get chilly so, independent of the time of year, always bring some warm clothes.
- Winter clothes Jun-Aug (best to pack for 5-10 degrees Celsius night temperature)
- Summer clothes Dec-Mar 
You may also wish to bring
- water flask
- sun hat
- mosquito net (virtually no mosquitoes in Winter, quite some in Summer depending on hut location)

Please download these pdfs for travel information.

The road doesn’t go all the way to Terramaya, there is a 20 minute walk uphill to arrive. Donkeys can be organised to carry the luggage. 

As Terramaya is in the mountains, the typical mosquitos that transmit Dengue, Zika and Malaria don’t normally thrive there. Of course, we can’t guarantee it absolutely, so it is up to each one to inform themselves and decide which precautions to take. The same applies for vaccinations.
For vaccines please check your local travel health care or